What is the Global Address List?

The 'Global Address List' is a function that allows users to:
  • Mass E-mail to specific groups
  • Search University wide email directory
  • Online phone, email and location directories

How do I access the Global Address List in Outlook?

The Global Address List can be accessed via the 'Address Book' button in Outlook under the Home tab, or when you are creating a new message by clicking on the 'To:' field.
Address Book

How is the Global Address List updated?

The Global Address List is populated automatically by Exchange, which gathers its data primarily from the Aurion Payroll Database. Information such as Name, Job Title and Location is all controlled by the information on Aurion. If you need any of this information to be updated, please contact a member of your HR Support Staff.
Changes to this kind of information should take 24 hours to process from Aurion to Exchange, and the GAL information should refresh sometime after that. If you believe the GAL is not reflecting the most up to date information, you can manually update it using the 'Send/Receive' tab as shown:
Download address book


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