All UQ staff members are automatically provided with a free staff Internet account, upon commencing employment at the University of Queensland.

UQ Organisational Unit Internet Access includes the following features:

  • UQ Sign In username and password
  • 1 primary email address
  • Unlimited usage hours
  • 20MB Disk Space
  • 4096MB Mail Quota
  • Static IP Address
  • On-campus Wireless
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) access8
  • Technical Support
  • Spam protection
Monthly fee Monthly Usage Monthly Downloads Mail Quota Disk Space Extra Features IP Address
Refer application1 Unlimited 10/30GB2 4096MB3 20MB4 VPN access5
On-campus Wireless


Paid staff do not apply for this service, as it is automatically activated through information received from Aurion, the University's human resource management system.

About UQ Organisational Unit Internet Access

  1. This service is free of charge.
  2. UQ Staff (staff, staff associate and visting staff (FTE) full time equivalent) are provided with 30GB of monthly download quota. UQ Casual Staff are provided with 10GB of monthly download quota. 
  3. All email accounts are automatically assigned 4096MB mail quota. We offer you the option to upgrade your mail quota. To upgrade, simply click on the appropriate link below. Extra mail quota can be issued in 1GB (1024MB) blocks. The maximum number of blocks that can be added to an account is six (6GB).
  4. The Disk Space can be used to save files online for easy access between home and UQ.
  5. VPN access is included with this service.
  6. A private static IP address is included with this service.

Additional Information

Internet add-ons

We offer a number of add-ons to our accounts, which allow you to customise your account with extra features to suit your requirements.

Choose an add-on to find out more details:

Additional Products Description
Additional Mail Quota for UQ Organisational Units Upgrade your email accounts with additional mail quota
Additional Disk Space for UQ Organisational Units Running out of room saving files online? Purchase more disk space for your online file storage

Still unsure about which product is best for you? Then please call us on 07 3365 6000 or 1300 738 082 (Australia-wide)

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