A heavily discounted Internet service...

This service is activated automatically once you become an ICTE [Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education] student and will remain active for the duration of your ICTE course. Your account details, consisting of a UQ Sign In username, password and email address, are available directly from the Institude of Continuing and TESOL Education.


  • 40GB monthly download quota
  • On-campus wireless access
  • Unlimited download from most Australian universities

General information about this service

  1. 40GB download per month - Your monthly download quota allowance is used whenever you access the Internet at ICTE, or from locations on UQ campuses (including wireless). Access to UQ web sites, most Australian universities (except Notre Dame and  Bond) and many leading research institutions around the world are free and do not count against your download quota. If you exceed your included monthly download quota allowance, you can purchase additional download quota by visiting ITS Client Services at level 2, building 42 (Prentice). 
  2. Wireless access - If you have a laptop computer with an 802.11 b or g card, you can connect to the Internet [wireless access] from many places around UQ campuses. When you are on-campus, look out for the UQconnect wireless hotspot signs. When you are in range to access the Internet, you will be redirected to a login screen. Just enter your UQ Sign In username and password. For further information on wireless networking, please reference our Wireless Networking FAQ 
  3. Internet Code of Practice - Students using the Internet at UQ, must abide by the UQ Internet Code of Practice.

For further information about this service

Contact Client Service


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