How to edit a Service

Open ServiceView in your web browser (

Place the curser in the white search box in the top left corner, and type in the name of the service. If the service is already in ServiceView, you will be able to see it displayed in the search results.

Once you have located and selected the service, you will need to click on the Go button to open the Service and view all of its details. You will notice that under the Overview section there are several icons. The icon you will need to click to edit the Service is the Edit Service icon.


How to add a Service

From the left menu bar select Services and then select Add Service from the options. The pink fields are the mandatory fields and the green and desired fields.

Next to each field heading, you will notice question mark icon. This icon is known as a "tool tip". If you are unsure of what to put into the field, hover the mouse over this icon and it will provide you with further details about the field.

Select save once you are done.

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