WebPrISM is a delegated web site that allows staff in Organisational Units to manage their local staff and/or student UQ Sign In accounts within the university.

What is the address of WebPrISM?

The website address is webprism.its.uq.edu.au.

What can I do in WebPrISM?

WebPrISM allows authorised users to:

  • search for UQ Sign In accounts
  • view email addresses
  • change passwords
  • create new UQ Sign In accounts
  • print new UQ Sign In account letters
  • perform other specialised functions

The above functions can be carried out on student and/or staff accounts of the university depending on the level of access required. Not all functions will be available for all people who access WebPrISM.

How do I use Web PrISM?

The WebPrISM Guide provides information about how to use WebPrISM and the functions that can be performed.

How do I get access to WebPrISM?

Access to WebPrISM is managed within each area of the university by a local administrator. If you require access to WebPrISM ask your local administrator to give you access - you do not need to fill in any forms. If you do not know who your local administrator is then contact the ITS Service Desk and they will let you know.

Your UQ sign in username and password are used to authenticate to WebPrISM.

How do I become a local administrator for WebPrISM?

A local adminstrator for Web PrISM has the ability to grant or revoke standard access to WebPrISM for users within their area of the university. If you require administrator access, please fill out the Application for WebPrISM Administrator Access form.

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