Network cables in a rack


How much quota do I have?

  • Staff quota is 30GB/mth
  • Casual staff quota is 10GB/mth
  • All student quota (including ICTE students) is 40GB/mth
  • Non UQ college student quota is 1GB/mth
  • The monthly default quota is reset at the beginning of every month
  • Bulk download quota expires at set dates during the promotional period in which it is run
  • Extra download quota is valid for 120 days from the date of activation
  • Visitors should use the free Visitor-UQconnect wireless network

Check your quota

Broadhop login portal (Once you have logged in, the remaining quota will display)

Request additional quota


Please see your local IT team to request additional quota

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection allows you to remotely connect to a secure network. You can use the UQ VPN to access UQ resources while off-campus such as intranet websites and shared drives & folders.

General VPN Information

Connecting to the UQ VPN

Wireless Network

Outdoor wireless access point

UQ uses the Eduroam wireless network on all Campuses. Most current generation operating systems can connect to eduroam with very little effort, simply fill in your username and password when prompted. 

If you have issues connecting to eduroam on your device or are running an old operating system, please view the setup guides relevant to your device below.



Mac OS

Mobile Devices