Your domain name is your address on the Internet, which is how other people find you. Each domain is assigned an IP [Internet Protocol] address, which is made up of numbers.  As people remember names more easily than numbers, the domain translates this number into words, making it easier for people to find you and easier for you to have an effective online presence.

UQ Organisational Units can have 2 different kinds of URLs:

Sub Domain

A sub domain of '' would be eg., which is easy for people to remember or to find.

A sub domain is free to UQ Organisational Units, however it does also require a virtual hosting service.

For further information or to apply for this service, please contact ITS Client Service.

Domain Name

A domain name can be eg.

Melbourne IT will charge you a registration fee. In addition to the registration fee charged by Melbourne IT, ITS can register the domain on your behalf for $68. Contact Melbourne IT directly to enquire about their registration fees.

For further information or to apply for this service, please contact ITS Client Service.


All pricing quoted excludes GST


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