ITS stores its Policies and Guidelines in the official UQ Policies and Procedures Library (PPL)

UQ is also required to comply with a number of standards to ensure the University Information Communication Technology is robust and reliable, see:

UQ Staff have access to two world leading knowledge bases solely dedicated to ICT.


The University of Queensland Library has executed a contract for staff and students to be able to access Gartner Core Research Database. This service provides research about information technology for decision makers. It provides you with the base of knowledge and advice needed to capitalise on IT technologies and markets.

Gartner research focuses on technology enabled outcomes and is a value add to IT Leaders and practitioners. Please note that not all levels of Gartner research is available. You can access the database with your University credentials through the link below:

Gartner Technical Professionals

UQ's Gartner Subscription held by the library now includes ‘Gartner Technical professionals’ its use is open to all UQ IT staff and hopefully it will provide you with a valuable resource.

A quick over-view is available here

The subscription includes access to specialist Analysts, these Analysts are able to review a document you have prepared, discuss a topic via the phone (1hr) etc. and is likely the most valuable component of the service. 

If you wish way to arrange an analyst enquiry please email the Client Relationship Associate, Lori Clark. Please include details of the specific area of interest. The more information provided the better.

You can visit the Gartner website at

You can contact Lori at

Paul Sheeran is currently the administrator, so please make contact if you have any questions or have not received your access

Please review the below videos to get the most out of the tool.