What is Video Conferencing?

Video Conferencing is the connection of two or more physical locations via the Internet with the ability to share video and audio between locations.

Video Conferencing system in 47a-351

Video Conferencing system in 47a-351 shown above

  • How can I Video Conference and what are the available options?

    To hold a video conference at UQ, you have three options

    • Use a video conference enabled room
    • Use Cisco Jabber software that is available for use on computers and iPads
    • Use a portable video conferencing set
  • What venues are available with video conferencing?

    A full list of centrally managed video conferencing enabled rooms are available here. To book these venues please contact Room Bookings on 60775 or via email at roombookings@uq.edu.au or via the web http://www.uq.edu.au/teachingspace/wrb.

  • How do I access a portable video conference set?
    There are portable video conference sets available on the St Lucia, and Gatton campuses. Email help@its.uq.edu.au requesting a portable video conference unit and other details of your video conference meeting include date and location information.
  • What are the Costs?

    Video conferencing rooms, CISCO Jabber, and portable sets are free to use for UQ Staff. The only cost that may be associated with using a video conference is hire of the venue or if you require a technician to be onsite with you to look after the conference.

  • What options exist if I cannot gain access to a video conference venue?

    If you cannot get access to a video conference enabled venue you can use Cisco Jabber software on your computer or iPad, or you can use a portable video conference set (Email help@its.uq.edu.au requesting a portable video conference unit and other details of your video conference meeting include date and location information.).

  • How do I use video conferencing?

    Video Conference venues are controlled by either using a remote control or AMX touch panel system.

    User guides for the two methods of operation are available via the links below.

  • If I am participating in a video conference what information do I require?

    To take part in a video conference you should gather the following information:

    • Connection details of the party you will be video conferencing with. This will be in one of the listed formats below:
      • An IP address such as  
      • A SIP or H323 address similar to 7.302@uq.edu.au
    • The phone contact details of the party you are trying to conference with in case of any difficulties.
    • The expected start time and duration of your conference.
  • Can I test my connection?

    Yes you can test your video conference connection by dialling 111@uq.edu.au with your video conference set. This will connect you to the UQ test video conference. You can be sure you have a successful connection when you see and hear the UQ marketing video and an insert of a clock with the current time.

  • How do I get assistance for my Video Conference?

    Assistance with your video conferencing is available, contact the ITS helpdesk with your request. If you have an upcoming video conference contact the helpdesk with as much notice as possible as it will allow us to confirm all details and ensure the smoothest possible connection.

    If you experience difficulties while conducting a video conference you should call the AV on call number associated with your campus.

  • Is Skype video conferencing? And what other conferencing options are there at UQ?

    Skype is not compatible with video conferencing systems.


  • How do I use Video Conferencing for a meeting with multiple participants?

    You can meet with multiple participants in two ways:

    • Decide on a virtual meeting room name and advise all participants of that name. Then all users dial meet.%name%@uq.edu.au from each endpoint. Replacing the %name% part with the name of the meeting.
    • Log a request through the ITS Helpdesk, with the number of participants, time and any connection details you have of the other users and we will contact you to confirm all details.
  • Which conferencing method available best supports what you are trying to do?
    To help you decide what the best tool to use for a video conference is, we have developed a matrix to help you decide. If you have any questions please contact the ITS Service Desk of 56000 or help@its.uq.edu.au and we will be happy to help.