Part 1 - Creating a personal contact group

Step 1

New Items
  1. On the home tab, click 'New Items'
  2. Select 'More Items' then click 'Contact Group'

Step 2

Contact Group
  1. Enter a name for your contact group. 

Step 3

Add Members
  1. Click 'Add Members'
  2. Select the appropriate 'Address Book'

Step 4

Search accounts
  1. You can search and select members from the address list.
  2. Select list members by selecting members. Tip: You can multi-select by holding control and/or shift keys.
  3. Clicking the [Members ->>] button to add. Repeat a) to c) to add more members
  4. Click [OK] to continue.

Step 5

Save and Close
  1. Click 'Save and Close' with your new distribution list when finished.

Part 2 - Using a Personal Distribution List

Step 1

Address Book
  1. In a new email click 'Address Book'
  2. Select 'Contacts'

Step 2

Click OK
  1. Select your list(s).
  2. Add the list to either, [ To -> ], [ CC -> ] or [ BCC -> ] field(s).
  3. Click [OK] when finished.

Step 3

Your Distribution list is now added to your new email. You can repeat the above steps to add more or start composing your email.

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