Client Desktop Support

Except in cases where ITS has a specific Service Level Agreement with a client, ITS does not provide support services for individual workstations. Provision of client end support is limited to ensuring that UQ Mail services are accessible through the following client interfaces:
  • Outlook 2007 and 2010 (MAPI mode)
  • Entourage 2004 SP2 and 2008 (WebDAV)
  • Evolution 2 (MAPI mode)
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Active Sync.

Versions supported will be specified by ITS on an ongoing basis with regard to date of release, integration issues, licensing and known bugs. Configuration procedures will be provided via a web site.

System Administration & Support of Mail Servers

  1. Provision of disk storage. All staff will be granted an equal amount of disk storage as allocated by the SIMC. This amount will be reviewed quarterly in consultation with the SIMC. Provision of greater amounts will initially be provided on a cost recovery model. Increases in storage can be arranged by contacting ITS Client Services.
  2. Virus checking of all email on entry to the mail server.
  3. Implementation of SPAM avoidance measures as appropriate technologies become available.

Server Account Management & General Services

  1. General consulting for staff provided via the HelpDesk during working hours, 8am to 10pm Monday-Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday-Sunday (excluding public holidays and three special University of Queensland holidays between Christmas and New Year).
  2. Automated generation of user accounts the next business day after staff have been entered in Aurion.
  3. Provision of courtesy emails on used disk storage. Clients will receive notification when they have utilized 450mb of their email storage.
  4. Provision of user guides and delegated administration tools to UQ organizational units as required. Assistance will be given to an ITCG member, a representative, or a relevant system administrator.

The following are not included in this agreement:

  • Software licences
  • Desktop support for client end configuration unless the OU has an explicit SLA for desktop support
  • User instruction and assistance for any operating system or applications software

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