The process for booking a meeting room using Exchange Resource Mailboxes

Step 1: Start a new Meeting Request

Step 1
As the meeting organiser from your mailbox start a new meeting request. In Outlook 2010 you can do this from the Home ribbon bar by clicking on New Items and then Meeting

Step 2: Scheduling Assistant

Step 2
When the new meeting form opens, from the Meeting ribbon bar, click on Scheduling Assistant
The Scheduling Assistant window will appear which contains a list of attendees on the left and a calendar in the middle showing their availability. Initially only you will be listed in the attendees list, as the meeting organiser.

Step 3: Add Meeting Attendees

You can add additional meeting attendees by either of the following methods:
On the left column in the All Attendees list, in the row under your name you should see the text. Click here to add a name. Type the name of someone that you wish to invite to the meeting. By default the attendee will be marked as required. You can change their attendance to optional by clicking on the red up arrow icon to the left of their name.
Step 3
Towards the bottom of the Scheduling Assistant window select the Add Attendees button to bring up the address book. When selecting the names of attendees from the address book, make sure that the name of the person appears in the Required or Optional fields at the bottom before selecting the next person or clicking OK to close the address book.
Step 4
When you have finished adding people, click [OK] to return to the Scheduling Assistant screen.

Step 4: Add rooms

Step 5
Back at the Scheduling Assistant screen that shows the list of attendees on the left and the calendar availability in the middle, choose a room for the location of the meeting by clicking the Add Rooms button towards the bottom of the window.
Step 6
The address book appears. Make sure the Search: radio button is set to Name only. From the Address Book drop down list from under All Address Lists list select All Rooms.
The address book now displays only meeting rooms. The rooms are intentionally named in the format Rroomnumber Bbuildingnumber Campus
In future as you become familiar with the room numbers you can more quickly search for a room by searching for Rroomnumber. Select one or more meeting rooms that you might wish to book. You can select either one room if there is only one room that would be suitable for your meeting or you can select multiple rooms so that you can check their availability. Before clicking [OK] make sure that the room(s) you want to look at appear in the Rooms field at the bottom.

Step 5: Select a Time

Back at the scheduling assistant window you should now have one or more meeting rooms listed in the attendees. You can see that it is a room by the green house icon to the left of the room name.
Step 7
In the middle in the calendar view, you can now compare the availability of all of your attendees with the availability of the room(s). This allows you to find a time when all of your attendees and a room are available together. Once you have found a suitable time, either use the mouse to drag and select the time block you want in the calendar, or set the date and time in the fields near the bottom of the Scheduling Assistant window to enter the chosen meeting time.
Note: If you added more than one room before to consider as the location for the meeting, make sure that you deselect the checkbox to the left of the room(s) that you have NOT chosen, or remove the room(s) that you have NOT chosen from the attendees list before continuing.

Step 6: Make the Appointment

Once all of the attendees, the room and the chosen time have been entered, from the Meeting ribbon bar click Appointment
Step 8
On the Appointment pane, the To field should now be populated to include the meeting attendees that you selected and the room. The Location should be set to the room that you chose. The Start time and End time should also be correctly set. Verify they are correct.
In the body, type your message such as the reason you are a requesting the meeting and potentially the meeting agenda.
Finally click the Send button and the meeting request will be sent. 
Note: Depending on the configuration of the meeting room, it may automatically respond with whether your meeting booking has been accepted or rejected. A booking response may take longer if the meeting requests are moderated and need to be approved by someone manually.

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