The UQ Application Publishing Service (UQAPS) allows clients to access applications that have been installed on a server farm, rather than on the local desktop computer.

UQAPS applications can be accessed via by installing the Citrix ICA client application on your local desktop computer.

Setting up and connecting to UQAPS (recommended method for desktops);

  • You need the Citrix Receiver installed on the device/computer you're trying to access it from, which can be downloaded from the Citrix download site
  • Once installed login and signin using your UQ username and password.

Settings for OSX (Alternate)

  • Install Citrix Receiver first (see above for link)
  • Click >> Edu Virtual Apps Store URL (when prompted 'Launch Application' to add settings)
  • Click Log On with your UQ username and password.  NOTE: username format is UQ backslash username eg UQ\uqjcitiz
  • Wait for the application list to build then click [Add] and the applications will be placed in your applications folder then you'll be able drag it to your desktop if required

Settings for iOS/Android

Install the application from iTunes App Store or Google Play store (search for 'citrix receiver' by Citrix Systems Inc), and when prompted enter the following;

  • Server:
  • Domain: UQ
  • Username: your UQusername
  • Password: your UQpassword

Central Administrative Computer Systems Applications published via UQAPS include:

  • Aurion HR System
  • Raiser's Edge
  • Trim

The form used to apply for access to the above applications can be found here.

If you are experiencing any issues with your UQAPS application, please contact the ITS helpdesk.

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