Please Note:

  1. Account Code Changes are $25 per block of 5 extensions.

  2. For large quantities of account code changes, please use the Bulk Account Codes Change Request Form.


How do I apply for an Account Code Change

There are two methods in which to place a request:

  1. Helpline Assisted  →  Assisted over the phone by the Telephone Helpline (Extension 51000). The request form is completed on your behalf by the Telephone Helpline assistant. The Financial Delegate is nominated within the request form and then emailed to approve the request, via an electronic AoQ.

  2. Self Service  →  The UQ Financial Delegate completes the LANDesk request form themselves, as per the following instructions...

  1. Click on the link: LANDesk Works Request - Account Code Change

  2. To expedite the processing of your request, please ensure the following fields are completed as follows:

    • Section A1: 'Contact Name→ specifying the person to be emailed upon completion of the request.

    • Section B6: 'Further Instructions→ for each account code change, list each extension change on a new line with the following details:

      1. The extension number (incurring the account code change)

      2. The old UniFi Chartstring

      3. The new UniFi Chartstring

  3. Complete the remaining relevant fields in the form, noting that blue fields are mandatory (for assistance please refer to the UQ Financial Delegate User Guide).

  4. (Optional) In the event you completed the 'Bulk Account Code Changes Form' form, use the 'Attach File' action in the top left hand side bar to attach the file to the LANDesk request.

You will be emailed a notification upon completion of the request.

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