How to book a conference call 

Teleconference call information can be obtained from the switchboard by dialling 51000 or 9. Alternatively you can simply save (as a word document) and fill out the Teleconference Booking Form and email it (as an attachment) to Teleconferences at ITS.

How to cancel a conference call booking

If the conference call is no longer required please telephone the voice operators on 9 or 51000 and the booking will be cancelled for you.

What is the "Polycom"

The Polycom is a teleconferencing phone, which can be hired for $30 per session. (see "How do I hire the Polycom").

How do I hire the Polycom?

To hire the Polycom please call the Voice Operations on 52000 or email Voice Ops.

Cost of hiring the Polycom

The Polycom costs $30.00 per session to hire (1 session = half day). Please complete a Telephone Hire Request Form and forward to Voice Ops prior to collecting the Polycom.

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