Adding a new mail account – iOS8 +

Step 1

Open the settings app

Step 2

Scroll down and Tap ‘Mail, contacts, calendars’

Step 3

Under the ‘Accounts’ heading, tap ‘Add Account’

Step 4

Tap the exchange icon.

Step 5

Fill in the fields as required - use your staff password

Step 6

 Tap ‘Next’ and then fill in the next additional items field.

Once you have the fields filled correctly, tap ‘Save’

You have added an additional account

Notes/disclaimer: Due to development that is out of our control, not all hosted server accounts and mailboxes are set up with the correct permissions for sharing, nor does the iOS exchange connectivity service fully support the current Microsoft exchange systems method for displaying all shared content. Please be aware that due to these reasons, when adding a hosted server account, it may not display correctly or at all on your mobile device. These types of mailboxes must be viewed via a desktop email client or the exchange web service:

A guide on how to view other mailboxes you have access to, using the online web access can be found here: 


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