When a staff member leaves UQ they receive an email from ITS outlining what they should do, should they wish to save email and files associated with their staff account. However, there are cases where it is appropriate that a staff member's UQ account remains active after their employment with the University ceases. Outlined below are the cases where this is permissible and what the staff member or department needs to do prior to the account being removed. 

You are a postgraduate student

If you are a postgraduate student (Research & Higher Degree or Professional Doctorate) you are entitled to retain your current staff email and Internet access.  Please send an email to ITS Client Services with your name, student number, UQ username, and indicate that you are a postgraduate student.  We will update your information, and your services will not be affected.

You are continuing in a UQ position that is not recorded on Aurion (HR system) 

If you are continuing employment at The University in a position not held within Aurion (paid or unpaid), and you require your account to remain active, the relevant department will need to apply to have your account employment status changed to 'Staff Associate'. Please specify that this is a change to your existing account and include your UQ username. 

Forms can be found at https://archive.its.uq.edu.au/filething/get/16856/UQ_Organisational_Unit_Application_Form.pdf

You are a retiring academic staff member

If you are a retiring academic you are entitled to retain your email address. Please send an email to ITS Client Services with your name, staff number, staff username, and indicate that you are a retiring academic. We will update your information, and your email service will not be affected.

You are not leaving employment at UQ

If you believe you are currently employed at The University of Queensland, or you still need, or are entitled to retain your Internet access for another reason please request that your department supervisor send authorisation as soon as possible to ITS Client Services.

If your department requires further clarification and information please call ITS Client Services on (07) 3365 6000 and we will be happy to help.

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