Step 1 - Disabling Outlook's Junk Email Filtering

Junk Options
  1. On the home tab, click 'Junk' then select 'Junk Email Options'.
No Auto
  1. Select 'No Automatic Filtering'.
  2. Click 'Ok' and close the dialog box.

Step 2 - Adding a Filter Rule

Manage Rules
  1. On the home tab, 'Rules' menu, then select 'Manage Rules and Alerts...' from the list
New Rule
  1. Make sure you have your Exchange account selected (some users may have multiple email accounts)
  2. Click the 'New Rule...' button
Start from blank
  1. Select 'Start from a blank rule'
  2. Make sure 'Check message when they arrive' is selected.
  3. Press the [Next] button to continue
Choose specific word
  1. Put a tick in the 'With specific words in the message header' checkbox
  2. Click on 'Specific Words' (the window where the arrow points to will appear)
  3. Type in 'X-UQ-Spam-Score: *****' (Make sure that it is typed exactly as shown- there should be a space after the colon)
  4. Press the [Add] button, once you have done this 'X-UQ-Spam-Score: *****' should appear in the 'Search List'. The press [OK]
  5. Press the [Next] button to continue
Move to junk
  1. Put a tick in the 'move it to the specified folder'
  2. Click on the 'Specified' link
  3. Select the 'Junk E-mail' folder
  4. Press the [OK] button
  5. Click the [Finish] button to continue
Click OK
  1. Click the [OK] button to finish off the setup.

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