The process for sharing your UQ mailbox with other staffmembers connected to Exchange is as follows:

Step 1: Open the Delegate Access menu

Open delegate menu
  1. Select the 'Home' tab
  2. Select [Account Settings] button
  3. Select the 'Delegate Access' option

Step 2: Delegate permissions

Click Add
  1. Click the 'Add' button and select the user(s) to whom you wish to Delegate permissions from the Global Address List
Select level of access
  1. Select the level of access you wish to Delegate to your Inbox and/or other mailbox elements
  2. Check the option to send the Delegate an email advising them of their new permissions
  3. Press the 'OK' button

Step 3: Share the mailbox root

Delegated permission to the Inbox folder will only allow a user to open the shared Inbox via File -> Open -> Other users Folder. To allow the users mailbox to be viewable in the Navigation pane on the left, you have to also manually share the Account Root of the user who is giving the Delegate permission:
Data file properties
  1. Right click on the 'Mailbox Name/Address' for the account that is Delegating the permission (usually this account will be at the very top of the Navigation pane)
  2. Select 'Data File Properties'
  3. Select the 'Permissions' tab
  4. Select the 'Add' button and locate the user who needs to view the Mailbox in the GAL
  5. Using the 'Permission Level' menu, set the level of user access required, then press 'OK'.

Step 4: Opening a Shared Mailbox

Once you have been granted Delegated Mailbox permissions to another users Mailbox, the process for adding that Mailbox to your own Outlook is as follows:
Account Settings
  1. Select the 'Home' tab
  2. Select [Account Settings] button
  3. Select 'Account Settings' option
Select change
  1. Make sure your default Exchange account is selected
  2. Select the 'Change' option
More settings
  1. Select the [More Settings] button.
Add username
  1. Select the [Advanced] tab.
  2. Select the [Add] button, this will open a small window in which you can enter the username of the mailbox you wish to add. Once entered, press [OK] to close all of the windows you have opened so far. The new mailbox should be visible on the left of your mail Outlook mail screen.

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