This guide is based on Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Setting up a profile

Step 1

  1. From the Home screen tap 'Email'
Note: If you have an existing ActiveSync to another mail server; from the email application go Menu >> Accounts then Menu >> Add Account
  1. Enter your email address and password and tap [ Next ]

Step 2 - Server type

  1. Tap [ Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync ]

Step 3 - Server settings

  1. Enter your username as uq\yourusername
  2. Your password should be pre-filled
  3. Enter server as:
  4. Use secure connection (SSL) should be enabled

Step 4 - Phone email setting

  1. You can leave the next as default or turn to your liking
  2. Tap [ Next ] to finalise setup

Changing settings (Display name, Signature, etc)

  1. From the Home screen tap Email then tap Menu >> Account Settings
  2. You'll be able to change settings from this screen

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