After logging in to the file serving centre (MSTools), click the ‘File Serving’ link on either the main or the top menu.

The main menu for the File Serving module will be displayed, as well as your current access.

MSTools - Fileserving Home

Click on the ‘Request Access to a Folder’ link on the left hand side of the page, or on the main menu.

All shares registered for your user group will be displayed in an expandable list. Next to each folder in the share is the list of the current managers of the folder – this is who your access request will be received and actioned by.

If the tick box is not selectable, the folder may not have a manager assigned, or it may have children. If the tick box is not selectable, but is already selected, you already have a request pending or completed for that folder.

MSTools - Request Access to Folder

In the above example, John Citizen already has a pending or completed access request for AusCert, Communications, Finance, HR and Enterprise Data Services. John Citizen doesn’t have access to the director folder, and he’s requesting access to it now by ticking the box and pressing the ‘Request Access’ button.

Doing so should result in a feedback message similar to this;

MSTools - Request Access Success Feedback

The folder managers will now receive an email informing them of your pending request.

Once your request has been processed, you will need to log out and back onto your workstation to view the contents of the folder on the file system.

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