Another function that managers have access to is the ability to make a request on behalf of another user. This is useful in the event the other user does not work in the same faculty or school and does not have access to the website, or doesn’t have access to the same shares within it.

It’s also useful if a generic account needs access to a folder.

Pressing ‘Request on Behalf’ in the side menu or from the main menu displays a screen similar to this;

Request Access on Behalf - Enter Username

Enter the UQ username of the user for which you wish to make an access request. In this example, we’ll use a generic account belonging to the ITS Service Desk. The access request screen is again shown, with some slight differences.

Request Access on Behalf - Folder Selection

This user didn’t have any existing access requests, but we want it to have access to the DSS, Communications, Finance and HR folders. This results in the following feedback messages;

Request Access on Behalf - Successful Feedback

It’s important to note that the access requests still have to be approved by the respective folder managers – John Citizen can still only approve the requests for the folder’s he is the manager of.

Returning briefly to the Manage User Access screen shows the new access requests. As the user did not request the access themselves, there is also a name in the Requestor column.

Request Access on Behalf - Manage New Requests

Access requests can then be processed and updated by folder managers as normal.

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