Items available from the UniFi catalogue are shown below.

These items are kept in stock and can be collected from the ITS Store (Level 1, Prentice Building 42, Cooper Rd End). Note when placing orders delivery fee must be added to each order, orders will not be accepted unless that item is included. Your finance officer will be able to assist with placing the orders via UniFi. 

Item Description Product Code Price (ex GST)
Sony wireless lapel microphone (UTX-B2K42) UWPX7K42 567
Sony wireless handheld microphone UTXM03CE42 438
Windsock to suit Sony UTX-B2K42 lapel wireless microphone 253761801 9
Lapel mic clip suit Sony UTX-B2K42 wireless Lapel microphone X21907741 19
Sony wireless lapel replacement mic UTX-B2K42 with windsock A1538270B 137
Logitech Powerpoint presenter R400 910001361 66
Logitech Powerpoint presenter R700 910003508 92
Extron 1.8m HDMI lead 2666306 77
Extron 3.6m HDMI lead 2666312 102
Extron 4.5m HDMI lead 2666315 111
Extron 1.8m male to male VGA cable with combined audio lead 2656602 63
Extron 3.6m male to male VGA cable with combined audio lead 2656603 78
Extron 7.6m male to male VGA cable with combined audio lead 2656604 122
Delivery Fee DELIVERYFREE 15

The catalogue can be found under eProcurement and Requisition. Then searching for Suppliers using Information Technology Service

You should then see the Audio Visual Equipment Catalogue in the list.

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