Part 1 - Disabling Outlook's junk email filtering

Step 1

Tools menu
  1. Click 'Tools'
  2. Click 'Junk Email Protection'

Step 2

Select None
  1. Select 'None' as the level of junk protection
  2. Click 'Ok'


Part 2 - Adding a filter rule

Step 1

Tools menu
  1. Click 'Tools'
  2. Click 'Rules'

Step 2

Select server
  1. Select the name of your email account under the heading 'EXCHANGE SERVER'.
  2. Click '+'

Step 3

Step 3
  1. Type a name for the rule e.g. 'Junk email'
  2. Next to the option 'When new message arrives:' select 'If all conditions are met'
  3. Change the fields beow to 'Any header' and 'Contains'.
  4. In the textbox type X-UQ-Spam-Score: *****. NOTE: The text must be entered EXACTLY as shown for the rule to work.
  5. Under the heading 'Do the following:' select 'Move Message'.
  6. Select 'Choose Folder'.

Step 4

Select Junk Email
  1. Select 'Junk Email'. If you see 2 junk email folders, select the one associated with the name of your account.
  2. Click 'Choose'

Step 5

  1. Click 'Ok'
  2. Close the rules window.

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