Part 1 - Setting up the Group

Step 1

Select Contacts
  1. Click the 'Contacts' button on the bottom left of the screen

Step 2

contact group
  1. Make sure the 'Home' tab is selected
  2. Click 'Contact Group'.

Step 3

Add group
  1. Type a name for your group
  2. Click the 'add' button to start adding members

Step 4

Add name
  1. Type the name of the person you wish to add
  2. Double click the name to add the member
Note: You may only add one member at a time

Step 5

Once you have added all the members click 'Save & Close'.

Part 2 - Sending to the group

Step 1

Create new email
  1. Click 'Email'

Step 2

Select list
  1. Type the name of your contact group in the 'To' field.

Step 3

Send email as normal.

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