Step 1

Tools Menu
  1. Select the 'Tools' menu and the top of Outlook
  2. Click 'Accounts'

Step 2

Advanced menu
  1. Make sure the your mailbox is selected on the left hand side
  2. Click 'Advanced'

Step 3

Delegates Tab
  1. Select the 'Delegates' tab at the top
  2. Click the '+' button under the heading People I am a delegate for

Step 4

Search for name
  1. Type the name of the mailbox you wish to add in the search field
  2. Cick the 'Find' button
  3. Highlight the approriate match and cick 'Ok'

Step 5

  1. Check that the correct mailbox has been added then click 'Ok'. The mailbox should now appear in the left hand side menu.

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