University mail is divided into 'Domains' (e.g., etc) with names that usually relate to the organizational unit you work in (sbs = Social & Behavioral Sciences). Some domains physically run on ITS servers and some outside of ITS. The plan is to eventually have all domains hosted at ITS as part of the UQmail system. For domains hosted at ITS your local support staff will have access to a delegated administration facility that allows them to assist their local staff with administration of their mail accounts. This includes forwarding mail, creating alias e-mail addresses and creating distribution lists.
If you provide IT support for your organisational unit, please visit the Exchange Delegated Administration site for Guides, Tools and Application Forms
ITLO's may not have access to UQ Domain administration if their OU operates a separate domain. A PC in the UQ domain is required for UQ Exchange Delegated Administrator access, therefore an ITLO will need to call the ITS HelpDesk to gain UQ Active Directory administrator permissions to add computers to the UQ Domain. Once a request has been submitted to the HelpDesk, ITS staff will contact the ITLO and provide the necessary permissions, documentation and training.

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