To manage access requests that have been made, click on the ‘Manage User Access’ folder. Each folder that you are the manager of will appear. In this case, John Citizen is only the manager of the DSS folder. As yet, there aren’t any access requests for this folder.

Manage User Access - No Requests

There is a bit of other information. Displayed just underneath the folder name is the full path to the folder. This is important if you are the manager of several folders with similar names on different shares or in different sub folders. It also displays the list of managers for the folder – anyone who is a folder manager can process requests. John Citizen is the only manager of this folder.

Adding an access request for a folder changes the view to this;

Manage User Access - New Request

At this point, the folder manager has three options. Granting Read Access, granting Write Access, or denying the request entirely. The folder manager can return to this screen at any time and change the access level or remove permissions, by changing the level of access and pressing the ‘Update Access’ button. In this case, John Citizen grants a ‘Write’ level of permission to the DSS folder by selecting ‘Write’ and pressing ‘Update Access.’

This will result in a feedback message similar to the following;

Manage User Access - Successfully Added Write Access

When to Remove Access

Folder managers should remove access for users when their position changes to one that no longer requires access to the folder, or if the user has left the university.

Users that have left the university will be automatically removed two weeks after their appointment is made inactive in the HR system (Aurion).

To remove access for a user, select ‘Deny’ and press the ‘Update Access’ button.

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