Access to a shared/group mailbox

To gain access to a shared/group mailbox, please have the manager of the department related to the shared resource mailbox contact the local IT department for assistance.

Access to an individual mailbox

To gain access to an individual's mailbox, the mailbox owner can provide delegated access by following the below guide.
If for any reasons the mailbox owner is unable to follow the above guide, you will need to contact the ITS Service Desk at 336 56000.

Access to a staff member's mailbox who has left the University

The following information comes from University of Queensland's PPL regarding Staff and RHD Student email accounts
  • 5.8.5 A terminated email account (including its contents) remains UQ's property.
  • 5.8.7 The University is not responsible for nor will it pass on personal data or emails after a staff member has left the University.
  • 5.8.8 When a staff member moves from one OU to another and the previous OU requires access to the data in a staff member's account, the previous OU may have a copy of the data up until the date the staff member was employed by that OU. The new OU will have the ability to access the data from the staff account from the date the staff member begins employment with the new OU.
Requests for access to a terminated account must be requested by email* from either Head of School/Faculty/Unit or delegates** using one of the following templates;
* Email must come directly from the account and must not be fowarded.
** Delegates are defined as Acting Head of School/Faculty/Unit or higher authority.

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