Non UQ and external persons wanting to communicate with UQ video conference users can take advantage of Jabber Guest to do this.

This is also the preferred solution for holding remote (off site) video conference meetings such as interviews with non UQ participants.

Jabber Guest can also be a speedy way to join a conference for UQ personel who have not yet had a Jabber account configured.

Participants will be sent a URL such as which can be operned in either Firefox or Chrome web browser to connect to UQ video conference sessions.

Simply replace the end of the URL in red above with your conference ID, Jabber ID or room-based Video Conferencing Endpoint ID (examples below).

conference ID:

Jabber ID:

Room-based Video Conferencing Endpoint ID:

Jabber Guest can be used without the need for complex instruction by simply following the prompts when the above URL is opened in a browser, but For full setup and usage instructions, please see:

Jabber Guest Detailed Instructions

Please note the above is in PDF format and includes a form with space for the Jabber Link as customised for your Conference.

It should be noted that one limitation of Jabber Guest is that a participant using Jabber Guest cannot send presentation content, although they can receive presentation content being sent by Participants using Jabber or room-based Video Conferencing.

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