Step 1

  1. Open the App Store and search for 'vWorkspace'.
  2. Install the application.

Step 2

Locate the vWorkspace application on your phone and open it:

Step 3

Enter the vWorkspace address as

Step 4

If you are on-campus (using eduroam), select UQ VDI Internal. If you are off campus and/or using your service provider's internet connection (e.g. Telstra 4G or your home WiFi), select UQ VDI External.

Step 5

Enter your UQ username and password. If the domain box is not pre-filled, enter 'uq'. You can select the Save Credential option to remember your username and password if you wish. Tap Connect.

Step 6

Select the Machine you wish to launch. Depending on your account, you may not have more than 1 machine available.

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