Staff using computers managed by ITS can self-install selected applications software in the Microsoft Software Centre.
This guide shows how to use the Software Centre to install Google Chrome. The same process is used for installing any of the software packages available in Software Centre. 


  1. Click the start menu in the bottom left hand corner of your Desktop and locate the "Software Centre" program.

If the program is not directly visible in the Start menu as shown, click the "All Programs" option and navigate through the following folder sequence:

- Microsoft System Centre 2012
- Configuration Manager
- Software Centre

  1. Run the Software Centre.

  1. Check that you are in the "Available Software" tab as shown on the top left.
    Locate the software of your choice (Google Chrome is used in this example) in the list of available programs and check its corresponding tick-box on the left.
    Now click the "Install Selected" button on the bottom right

  1. The installation should take no more than 10 minutes.
    You can see when the installation has finished by checking the "Installed Software" tab.
    Look for the corresponding icon on your Desktop or Start menu to run the newly installed software. 

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