Creating an Account

To create an account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up Now
  3. Complete the form and click Create Account?

Importing Your UQconnect Emails

NOTE: If the images below appear different to what is shown on your screen, please try our alternate guide by clicking here.

Before completing the steps below, you will need to log into your account by going to

Step 1

  1. Click the Cog icon (located in the top-right corner of your screen)
  2. Click Options from the menu

Step 2

Click Import email accounts.

Step 3

Click Other Email Provider

Step 4

Type in your email address and password, then click Import.

Step 5

If you are presented with the following screen, enter in the IMAP email server field, then click Import.

Step 6

A message stating "We started importing ..." will appear. Click Close.

Step 7

Your UQconnect emails will now be imported into your account. On the left side of your screen, there will be a link titled "Imported" (where is your UQconnect email address). You can click on this link to view the imported emails from your UQconnect account.

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