Please note this guide is for EXTERNAL clients only. If you are a student or staff member and would like to reset your email password, your guide can be found here.
Use the points below as a guide to choose a good password.
  • Minimum password length is 8 characters.
  • Maximum password length is 16 characters.
  • The password is case-sensitive.
  • The password must contain uppercase letters and lowercase letters.
  • The password should contain numbers.
  • Passwords can contain the following characters: ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) _ + - = { } | [ ] : " ; ' > ? , . /
  • The more variety of characters in your password, the more difficult and time consuming it will be to crack.
  • Passwords cannot contain spaces, non english characters, the characters & or <.
  • The password cannot contain any parts of your live ID.
Note: Changing your email address password does not alter your zz password.
To alter your email address password, please login to the following website with your zzusername and zz password.
  • Under the heading "Reset mail password" simply enter your desired password
  • If you wish, you can tick the 'unmask passwords' box to see what you are typing
  • Once you're happy with the password, and it meets the complexity requirements click 'Set email password'.
The new password will take affect immediately. If you are using a desktop email client, you will need to enter the new password in there as well

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