Unfortunately Apple's OS X does not share some of the more advanced central management features of Microsoft Windows, so connecting to network drives is often a manual process.

Start by clicking on the Finder icon (located at the bottom left of the dock):

This will open a new Finder window (pictured), or change window focus to any Finder windows that you already had open.


With the focus now on Finder, from the top menu click Go->Connect to Server, or press Command + K on your keyboard.

This will open the 'Connect to Server...' wizard. In the 'Server Address:' box, type 'cifs://nas02.storage.uq.edu.au/homes/your username'. You will be replacing 'your username' with the ID you use to sign into your computer (eg. cifs://nas02.storage.uq.edu.au/homes/uqjcitiz). Optionally, click the '+' symbol next to the box to save the server to your list of favourites, to speed up later reconnections.

Click the 'Connect' button in the lower left hand corner, and you should be prompted for authentication. Enter your username in the form username@uq.edu.au, and your normal UQ password.

Click 'Connect' to connect to the server. You should be taken directly to the share in Finder, and the server will now appear on the left hand side of your finder window, until you next log off the workstation or manually disconnect the drive.

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