About Email+ for Life

Email+ for Life is being offered in collaboration with Microsoft, and is based on its Office 365 email service.

What is Email+ for Life?

UQ is using Microsoft Office 365 as the Student Email system.

When will I begin receiving email in the new account?

Once you enrol in a class for the first time in SI-net

What's my email address?

Your new email address is automatically generated from your SI-net details as;
  • Students from 24/03/2011 your primary email address will be firstname.lastnamexx@uq.net.au (where xx may be a number)
  • Students before 24/03/2011 your primary email address will be firstname.lastnamexx@uqconnect.edu.au (where xx may be a number)

Note: either firstname.lastnamexx@ uqconnect.edu.au or uq.net.au will work on your account.

What's my username for my Email+ account?

Your username for Email+ is firstname.lastnamexx@uq.net.au (where xx may be a number)

What's my password for Email+?

The first time you login to Email+, you will be prompted to set a password.
Your password should be different to your UQ SignIn password

How do I reset/change my Email+ password


How to I activate my new Email+ account?

A step by step guide to help you activate your new Email+ account is available

How do I access my new email account?

Guides on how to do this are available here

What if I don't agree to the Terms and Conditions?

You need to redirect your student email to another email service

How much mail quota do I have?


What is the attachment size limit?

20MB is the maximum allowable size for an attachment. However the practical limit is approximately 18MB.

Does checking/reading/downloading/sending my emails count towards my UQ download quota?

No. Your email and calendar will all be UQ quota free. Any other Windows Live applications will use download quota.

Will my email continue to work after I leave UQ?

Yes, your student account will turn into an email only account after you leave UQ.

Can I change my email address?

Yes, but there are limitations. See changing your email address

How can I configure my Email+ account to work with email clients such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, etc?

Guides on how to do this are available here

Can I change the name that appears when I send an email?

Yes. You can modify account information (except your email address) see Changing your display name

Who do I contact for support?

Detailed information is available via the Office 365 FAQ page
Support can be also be requested via Office 365 Support

In Office 365, can I create a 'reply to' address for my account?

No, Office 365 doesn't support 'reply to' addresses. A 'reply to' address is an e-mail address that you can use to direct replies for messages you send. By changing the "reply to" address on your account, you can direct replies to go to an e-mail address that's different from your sending address.

How to I setup redirection in Email+?

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