• Evolution 3+ installed
  • Evolution-ews installed
  • No account currently setup in Evolution

Setting up Evolution

  1. Start Evolution
  2. Click 'Continue' on the Welcome screen.
  3. On the Restore From Backup screen select Continue
  4. On the Identity screen:
    - Enter your name
    - Enter your UQ email address
    - Select Continue
  5. On the Receiving E-mail Screen:
    - Set the Server Type to Exchange Web Services
    - Under Configuration set Username to your correct UQ login name
    - The Host URL should be
    - Authentication should be NTLM - Select Continue
  6. On the Receiving Options screen:
    - Under "Checking for New Mail" set the period you want to check >= 10 minutes.
    - Select Continue
  7. On the Account Summary screen select Continue 
  8. Select Apply

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