If eduroam is rejecting your username/password ensure that your username is in the format username@uq.edu.au.
Please note that full administrator rights to your computer are required.


Step 1

Before using Eduroam you need to install SecureW2 client

  1. Click on the link above to download the SecureW2 software
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Run the installer and follow the prompts

Setting up the conneciton

Step 1

Network Connections

  1. Open up your network connections by clicking Start > Control panel > Network connections

Step 2

Wireless properties

  1. Right click on [ Wireless Network connection ] and click [ Properties ]

Step 3

Wireless Tab

  1. Click on 'Wireless Networks' tab

Step 4

Add Button

  1. Click [ Add ]

Step 5

Add eduroam
  1. Add eduroam as the SSID
  2. Network Authentication: WPA
  3. Data encryption: TKIP
  4. Click the 'Authentication' tab

Step 6

Set security
  1. Set EAP type to 'SecureW2'
  2. Click [ Properties ]

Step 7

New Button
  1. Click [ New ]

Step 8

Enter eduroam
  1. Enter EduRoam as the Profile ID
  2. Click [ OK ]

Step 9

  1. Ensure 'Use alternate outer identity' is not ticked
  2. Click 'Certificates' tab

Step 10

Authentication tab
  1. Ensure 'Verify server certificates' is not ticked
  2. Click the 'Authentication' tab

Step 11

User account
  1. Select Authentication Method: PAP
  2. Click the 'User Account' tab

Step 12

User credentials
  1. Ensure 'Prompt user for credentials' is not ticked
  2. Enter your username@uq.edu.au (or at your domain)
  3. Enter your password
  4. Ensure 'Use this account to logon computer' is not ticked
  5. Click [ OK ]
  6. Continue clicking [ OK ] until you are back at Network Connections.

Connecting to Eduroam

Step 1

View wireless
  1. Right click on 'Wireless Network Connection' and click on 'View Available Wireless Networks'

Step 2

Connect to eduroam
  1. Select the eduroam network
  2. Click [ Connect ]
If eduroam is rejecting your username/password ensure that your username is in the format username@uq.edu.au.
Please note that full administrator rights to your computer are required.
UQ users should open the UQ VPN client before trying to access anything.
If you do not have UQ VPN installed you can find the installer and guides here

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