When prompted for your Username, enter it in the following format - username@uq.edu.au. For example, a student's eduroam username is s1234567@uq.edu.au, while a staff member's username is uqaexamp@uq.edu.au.
These guides are current for OS X 10.7.3 and OS X 10.8. Instructions for earlier and later versions of the software should vary only slightly. ITS recommends always running the latest version of your client software.
These are the alternate setup guides for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion) to the eduroam wireless network. Use these guides only if the recommended setup does not work, and you have confirmed your username and password are correct.

Creating a Connection

Step 1

Right-click the following link and select Save Link AsRun UQ Eduroam profile installer 
You may save the file to a location of your choice. Locate the file you have just downloaded and double-click it.

Step 2

After double-clicking the file you downloaded you will be presented with the following screen:

install certificate
  1. Click [ Continue ]

Step 3

click continue
  1. Click [ Continue ]

Step 4

Note: Username and Password fields should be left blank at this stage.

Click install
  1. Click [ Install ]

Step 5

Enter Administrator
  1. Enter your computers administrator username
  2. Enter your computers administrator password
  3. Click [ Ok ]

Step 6

Profile installed
The UQ Eduroam profile should now be listed in the Profiles window. Close the profiles window.

Connecting to eduroam

Please ensure your device has wireless reception.

Step 1 - Turning on Wifi

Turn on wifi
  1. Click the 'Wifi' Icon
  2. Click [ Turn Wifi On ]

Step 2 - Connecting to Eduroam

Select eduroam
  1. Click the 'Wifi' Icon
  2. Click [ eduroam ]

Step 3 - Login

Enter credentials
  1. Enter your username and/or password. Note: Username is in uqusername@uq.edu.au format.
  2. Click [ Join ]

Security Certificate

First time connecting you will receive a security certificate warning.
Accept security
  1. Click [ Continue ] to accept the certificate

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