Email/ID address guidelines

Only the following formats are accepted.
Example name: Jonathan Scott Citizen
  • jonathan.citizen
  • jonathan.s.citizen
  • jon.citizen
  • j.citzen
  • jon.citizen
  • jon.s.citizen
  • j.s.citizen
  • js.citizen
  • scott.citizen
  • s.citizen
A dot (period) must prefix lastname
Email addresses must be based on your name in SI-net
NO nicknames
NO firstname only
NO lastname only
NO initalised last name
NO number - except if your email address is being used by another account. 
Email/ID addresses are subject to availability.

Before you request

  • Think carefully before requesting a change as you will need to backup everything attached your current LIVE ID (Email, Spaces, Sky Drive etc) beforehand.
  • As your existing account is being altered, it is your responsibility to backup your Email, Spaces, Sky Drive etc. Again, this is your responsibility.
  • Requests for changes are not immediately processed. As such, you should redirect your current live ID to an alternative account as emails will still be sent your current email address until your request has been processed.
Once the change has taken place, your existing Live ID will be altered. E-mails directed to this address will be returned to their sender.
Email/ID changes can take 24-48hrs.

How to request

Email the ITS ServiceDesk with the following information:
- Your full student number
- A list of email addresses you would like to change to, in case I can't get your first preference
- An alternative email contact point
- A phone number
- A statement that you understand your mailbox may be deleted during the address change process, and you have backed up any important information on your account

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