AusCERT is the premier Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Australia, and is based at the University of Queensland. As an AusCERT member, a number of valuable AusCERT services are available to UQ IT staff.

AusCERT alerts and bulletins

AusCERT regularly posts out security alerts and bulletins. UQ maintains a  local mail expander for these lists. If you are interested in receiving these  bulletins you can subscribe to the auscert-subscriber list here at UQ. To  subscribe to auscert-subscriber, send the following in the body (not the subject  line) of an email message to

 subscribe auscert-subscriber

This will subscribe the account from which you send the message to the  auscert-subscriber list. To find out more about the automated server and the  commands it understands, send the following command to


Subscribing will give you access to all of the bulletins AusCERT produces. If you'd like to customise the bulletins you receive (for example, only Windows)  then you'll want to create and use a member account!

Getting an AusCERT Member Login Account

With an account on the AusCERT web site, you can customise the bulletins that you receive, access protected content and subscribe to the member forum and RSS feed. To create an account, send an email to with the request. You should include your IT role, your organisational unit, preferred username, UQ username (eg. uqxxxxxx) and phone number. We'll let you know when the account is setup.

Maintaining a mailing list

The Auscert website can be found at

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