“UQ were very helpful when I approached them. They gave advice and made sure my App complied with branding; they respected my intellectual property and even had a look at my code for errors! I highly recommend anyone thinking of writing an App that involves UQ to give them a call.”
-    Aaron. M, co-author of UQnav


So you’re making an App which involves UQ!

We’d really like to know about it.

There are a lot of reasons why. Our IT infrastructure works in very specific ways – an App not designed for our infrastructure might cause strain on our systems. If we wish to provide support or other assistance in relation to an App it may be that we will not be able to do so if you haven’t coded according to certain prerequisites. And of course it’s important to us that we be aware of items out in the marketplace that our staff and students might use.

Want free advice?

If you are developing an App which relates to UQ we’re happy to discuss it with you. Talking to us about your idea before you start (ideally) or before release may help with such things as:

  • Providing help if your App uses UQ’s technology systems (e.g. our website).
  • Advice on whether it duplicates an App already under development by UQ.
  • Any code conventions and pre-requisites which may be required if you are designing your App with the hope that it may be purchased by UQ.

Get in contact with us!

The ITS Service Desk will be able to direct your call to the technical expert who can advise you on your App. Their details are:

ITS Service Desk:
Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 5pm
Email: help@its.uq.edu.au
Phone: (07) 3365 6000 or 1300 738 082 (Australia-wide)

FAQs and Helpful hints:

•    University insignia:

It’s worthwhile discussing with us any use you wish to make of university insignia (e.g. “UQ” or “The University of Queensland”). That way we can let you know any potential concerns which the University may have with that use.

•    The use of photos:

If you intend to use photos in your App, you should be careful what photos you use. There are usually legal rights in photos which control what use can be made of those photos. If the photos have not been taken by you, those legal rights will generally belong to some other person and use of those photos without the consent of that person is likely to breach those legal rights.

Even if the photos are photos which you have taken yourself, be wary of making use of them in your App if they are photos of identifiable people unless those people have approved that use.  Use without that approval may be of concern to those people and might even have adverse legal implications.

There are websites where a wide range of photos are available for use subject to the terms of use on the website (for example, see www.gettyimages.com.au).

•    Use of the Apple marketplace to sell your App:

UQ may occasionally give permission for Apps that have not been developed by UQ to be placed in the UQ section of the Apple marketplace. You stand the best chance of this happening for your App by following our style guides and discussing your project prior to development with us.

•    Style guides for UQ Apps:

Coding your App in a style consistent with that used by UQ will be particularly important if you wish to sell your App to UQ or ask that it be affiliated with UQ. Please get in contact with us – we’re happy to discuss your project and try to give you advice.

•    Publically accessible information:

A lot of information on UQ websites is publically available. Be aware though that if you are a student or staff member that has access to information that is not publically accessible, you are not able to share this with other people unless you have permission from UQ.

Even with publicly available information there may be limitations on your right to use it. For example, the right to use information found on the internet may be restricted in at least two ways – (a) express restrictions in the Terms of Use on the website; or (b) restrictions implied by law.

•    I want to sell my App, will UQ buy it?

We’re happy to look at your App to see if it’s something that we want to buy. We have bought Apps developed outside UQ before.  Of course you stand the best chance of UQ purchasing your App if it is aligned with UQ systems and for this reason we recommend you get in touch with us during the development phase so we can provide advice and guidance.

•    UQ credentials:

It is important that you never ask a user to authenticate with their UQ account details. If you believe that this is a requirement for your App, please come talk to us so we can best discuss a solution to this problem.



ITS Service Desk:
Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 5pm
Email: itsupportdesk@its.uq.edu.au
Phone: (07) 3365 6000 or 1300 738 082 (Australia-wide)


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