The Client Service group, within Information Technology Services, provide an MCQ Exam Scanning service using an Optical Mark Reader (OMR).

We can scan and analyse True/False and multiple choice exams for your organisational unit.

Please see the video below, which details how to correctly complete a multiple choice exam paper. Lecturers are encouraged to show his video to students as part of the examination process.

New Software and Report System

We have recently upgraded to a new marking machine/scanner and as such now use a different reports system, as the old system and machine are no longer supported by the vendor. 

Any exams that are submitted for marking as of 16/10/2013 will now be produced from the new software and as such will appear in a slightly different fromat to previous reports. The main changes to reports include:

  • The first 4 reports (from student results in alphabetical order on the form to the item analysis report) were previously provided as html reports, but will now be provided in a pdf file format.
  • The reports may appear different to previous reports in terms of the format/layout, but will essentially convey the same information.
  • The excel spread sheet will be the same standard spread sheet always provided with name, student number and total mark, but will now also include the individual answer (items) for each question for students.


General Information

Before submitting exams for scanning, please read the MCQ Exam Scanning Checklist, guidelines on filling out Answer Sheets and the information explaining Exam Analysis and Reports.

Make sure you have the Multiple Choice Marking Request [pdf file] correctly completed and ready to submit with your exam. If you prefer to enter the data within this form, before printing, then you may wish to download and save the word [.doc] version.

Answer Sheets can be ordered through UQ Examinations.


Terms and Conditions

  • Once an exam has been scanned/marked, it is considered final and complete. Any changes made to the Instructor’s answer(s) to be rescanned/remarked will incur additional charge(s). Resubmission of the papers and new answer sheet will be required for re-scanning/re-marking.
  • All required documents/information must be submitted along with the “Multiple Choice Marking Request Form” upon drop off of the exam to ensure timely processing of the marking.   Incomplete request / documents will not be processed.
  • It is the requester’s responsibility to provide the correct number of exam papers upon submitting. Incorrect batched papers count can result in significant delay and incur additional charge(s) as it will require additional processing time and verification/ reconfirmation from the requestor before marking.
  • ITS accepts no responsibility for any misplaced student papers once it has been returned to the requesters.
  • It is strongly recommended that the original student exam papers not be returned to the students to prevent any dispute that may arise from illegitimate modifications made to the papers after the exams being scanned/marked. 
  • All scanned/marked exam papers will be mailed (via UQ Internal Mail system) back to the Lecturer whose name appear on the form unless otherwise specified.



  • $75.00 flat rate [Includes up to 150 sheets]
  • + $0.12 per sheet thereafter
  • All pricing is exclusive of GST.



ITS Client Service

Phone: 07 336 56000


Location: Level 2, Prentice Building (#42), Staff House Road, St Lucia campus


Further information:

You may wish to read our Exam Scanning FAQ's.

Alternatively, you can contact Client Service

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