The ITS Internship Programme is a partnership between Information Technology Services and the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. 

The Internship Programme offers third-year UQ students studying within ITEE an opportunity to gain:

  • experience in an IT environment prior to completing their degree
  • potential credit towards their degree through CSSE3006 (subject to approval by course coordinator)
  • professional relationships with staff within ITS, which may lead to future employment.

There are two projects available for commencement in Semester 2, 2016. 

  • 1. Project One: my.UQ - Student Engagement
    Project Description

    The long-term vision for my.UQ is that it will be a the one-stop online location for students and staff; acting as a useful and intuitive entry point to view personal and important academic, work and campus life information, and ultimately delivering a helpful, easy, familiar, welcoming and relevant user experience.

    my.UQ addresses the broad, fundamental online service needs of students. UQ students' online experience is highly fragmented: student systems and services must be learned and navigated to via dozens of applications and websites.

    Important messages requiring action are often lost in email, and unnecessary effort is spent remedying situations after the fact, detracting from the excellent academic experience on campus and negatively impacting the student experience. What online system to use, what information is credible and what information to pay attention to (academic and administrative tasks), what resources and services are available, where to go for what service, and what is due when, are all questions for which answers can be difficult to obtain, impacting graduate and undergraduate students alike.

    my.UQ's vision is to deliver 'one place' to receive timely high-value messages, view essential personal data, and to navigate to the learning management systems, collaborative tools, and numerous student services and resources, including Student Mail, Learn.UQ and mySi-net.

    Beyond the current student experience, the my.UQ vision extends to the other major cohorts including staff, who also face the increasing complexities of Academic life. The new my.UQ is a platform that can be shared by students and staff and become the online one-stop shop for authenticated members of the UQ community. my.UQ has been designed to leverage a number of open platforms and technologies to foster a creative and flexible approach to adapting to increasing student and staff demands.

    Related Technologies: PHP, Ember.JS, AWS, Docker, Oracle, Elastic Search, Symfony 2, Git, Jenkins, SASS, LESS.

    Project Deliverables

    Delivery of a significant my.UQ feature. This could include one or more of the following:

    • integrating with UQ parking systems Google calendar, task and reminder integration
    • study room availability enhancements and booking
    • transport information
    • UQ Checklist/to-do list integration
    • my-Sinet class/exam timetable integration
    • OR pitch your own my.UQ integration feature, supported by student research etc. This could involve user research, proposal, and implementation of a my.UQ feature to meet a specific need.

    Software Development experience in PHP and/or experience with MVC Frameworks

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    Project Contacts: Ross Hellings ( and David Pollitt (

  • 2. Project Two: Logical Network Address Management
    Project Description

    University Networks have deployed a new system (Efficient IP 'EIP') for managing allocations of logical network elements including IPv4 and IPv6 subnets, VLANs and VPNs. Whilst the system itself meets requirements, the existing data is incomplete and inaccurate. The goal of this project is to address this problem by integrating existing network monitoring systems with Efficient IP. Efficient IP has a SOAP API to facilitate integration with external systems. University Networks have developed an extensible framework for network monitoring and management using open-source tools. The framework includes a web portal ('Modern Scripts Web Portal') and is written in Python 2.7 with a backend Mongo database. The University of Queensland network consists of mainly Cisco devices, but has a small number of Juniper and HP switches also.

    Project Deliverables
    • Internal validation of the data in EIP.
    • Compare EIP data with the state of the network. Update EIP where possible and produce reports regarding discrepancies.
    • Integration with MSWP (Modern Scripts Web Portal).

    Programming skills. Knowledge of Python is desirable. Basic knowledge of networking technologies is desirable.

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    Project Contact: Lachlan Miskin (


Students should outline why they are interested in the project, how they meet the requirements, and provide any supporting information or documentation on why they believe they are the best student for the project internship. The application closing date has been extended to Monday 6 June 2016.

If students have any queries regarding the project please contact the person listed in the project description. If students have queries regarding the expression of interest process or project renumeration or conditions please contact ITS HR on 334 66986 or email