ITS wishes to advise users of a minor change relating to the EduRoam network for UQ users.

What is changing?

ITS will be renewing the certificate used for EduRoam on Friday the 15th of January.

What do I need to do?

When your device prompts you to approve the new EduRoam certificate, please do.

Ensure that you’re in a place where you expect to find EduRoam, and check that the certificate is signed for

Note: If you are using an iPod, iPhone or iPad, the certificate may be presented as "Not Trusted" (as shown below). This is expected and users should not be concerned.

Some Windows users may also be presented with the below message, which will require users to click 'Connect'

Why is it happening?

The current EduRoam certificate is signed with the SHA-1 algorithm, which is being phased out.

The new certificate is signed with SHA-2, which is considered secure.

Who can I contact with questions or feedback?

Please contact the ITS Service Desk on 336 56000 or log a job via the ITS website.